Thinking of Joining Chart?

Imagine being part of a team where your efforts are appreciated and you’re given the support to make your career whatever you dream it to be. If you’re eager to join the Chart family, we are excited to get to know you and want to make the application and interview process as straightforward as possible for you. Read below for a step by step breakdown of what to expect and even a few tips from our recruiters to give you a leg up.

Tips From Recruiters


"Take time to align your skills and experience with the job description and paint the picture with specific projects and outcomes."

Edit Yourself

"Both in the accuracy and amount of the information you present. Think masterful trailer with pertinent highlights, rather than full length production."

Ask, ask, ask!

"You are also interviewing us to make sure we're right for you, come prepared with the questions that will best help you decide."

Storytelling is key

"Demonstrate the impact you make, and keep it in our decision making by painting a vivid picture of how you applied yourself and the amazing results you achieved."

Refresh your skills

"Some positions may require pre-assessments. Refresh your skills and stay ready."

Authenticity above all else

"Every team has a different missing piece and it could be exactly what you bring to the table. Don't miss out by trying to portray something different."



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