We understand that the more variety we have in our perspectives, and ideas the more successful we are. As such, we are actively ensuring that all levels of our Chart family look like the societies we live in. We not only take strides to give Chart team members the resources they need to make of their career whatever they dream it, but also ensure they feel good while doing it. 

Women in Leadership



Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

How we are making more impact
We recognize that despite meeting or exceeding industry standards, we can still do better. To further ingrain Diversity and Inclusion our Culture we have established an employee driven, executive leadership sponsored Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 


Over 50 Chart team members of differing backgrounds from all functions and job levels have joined the committee.


The number of locations across the US, China, India, Italy, and the Czech Republic  from which the committee team members work.


The number of subcommittees that address targeted areas of impact.


To focus our efforts we have created 6 subcommittees that target specific impact areas. Each committee is sponsored by a member of the Executive Staff. They include:

  • Community Involvement
  • Talent/Hiring/Development
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Education and Training
  • Broad team involvement
  • Employee engagement




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