When we say safety is our priority, we mean it. We treat each other as family and that means we look out for each other and know that a win for one is a win for the team and vice versa. Our obsession with making our customers happy, extends to internal customers day in and day out. But beyond that, we know that we spend more time at work than most anywhere else and want to make it as interesting and fun as possible for each other.

Employee Stories

Cool Minds, Warm Hearts

We answer the call to serve

When it comes to improving or helping the communities which we serve, and in which we live around the world, Chart team members show up and show out.

More Than A Job - A Family

Our team is Cooler than the rest

Cooler by design is more than just a tagline. We live the cool life in all ways! Whether it's rock paper scissors tournaments to win event tickets, or team members dressing as each other for fun, we have perfected the art of enjoying each other's company and having fun as we make incredible results happen.



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How To Join

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Chart powers vehicles

Our hydrogen systems are used in mobile applications for powering vehicles. Just another way Chart is helping to deliver a low carbon energy future.


Bring your full self to work and make your career what you'd like. See where we stand.

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