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Chart’s principal focus is the design of cryogenic equipment. At our core we are a leading manufacturer of highly engineered equipment servicing multiple applications in Energy and Industrial Gas. Our unique portfolio of products is used in every phase of the liquid gas supply chain, and in specialty markets ranging from food and beverage to hydrogen fueling and aerospace systems. You’ll find our products facilitated things as close to you as the tap water from your local municipality or the nitro brew coffee from your local coffee shop and as far as air cooled heat exchangers on the moon.

Chart is all around. Take a tour of Chart City to see the role our products play in your everyday life. You may never use a product we make, but everyone uses the products we make possible.

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Chart Your Career

In addition to an on demand learning module, we have implemented talent programs to support your growth at each level of your career.

Internship and Co-op programs offer hands on learning opportunities to students and give the ability to work on business-critical projects.

The Rotational Engineering program offers novice engineers exposure to all levels of engineering in various business units to develop well rounded product knowledge and subject matter expertise.

Emerging Leaders assigns immersive, high-impact projects to high-potential employees across the organization. Projects are sponsored directly by the executive team and drive accelerated learning.

Chart Fellows Program honors Engineers, Scientists and Technologists who have attained world class, industry and subject matter expertise recognition. Through the fellowship program they shape the future technical expertise within Chart.

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