Supervisor-Medical 1st Shift
  Category: Manufacturing/Skilled Trades Job Status: Full Time
  Job Description
  Direct and coordinate departmental activities to achieve safe and timely production of quality products which meet or exceed customer expectations 100% of the time. MAJOR AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: 1. Develop and implement daily and weekly work week plans and schedules for the department. 2. Utilize employee resources and equipment to achieve production plans and schedules within a specified time frame. 3. Train, inform and orient employees to specific procedures, processes and objectives of department, stressing and promoting quality, safety, and empowering them in problem solving techniques. 4. Maintain production, required personnel attendance, right-to-know and training records and other records pertaining to the department. 5. Interface with other departments in coordinating raw materials, parts, assemblies, completed units and personnel. 6. Direct employee problems to the appropriate authorities for assistance, resolution and response. 7. Continually evaluate work flow and processes, and further recommend more efficient and effective procedures in an effort to minimize costs. 8. Complete objective performance appraisals on a timely basis and review outcomes with employees. 9. Participate in weekly supervisory meetings in an effort to increase and maintain up-to-date communications and relay pertinent information to departmental employees. 10. Update manufacturing manager on progress of production plans and schedules. 11. Administer work rules, regulations and disciplinary action when necessary. 12. Appraise employee performance and recommend change of status. 13. Observe and practice safety procedures and policies. 14. Perform fabrication and welding duties. 15. Inspect products to verify conformance to specifications, if defects are found immediately notify QA to initiate a NCR. 16. Responsible for promoting, gathering, and implementing ideas from the Green Card Idea Program. 17. Follow and utilize the Supervisor Handbook. 18. Must be able to perform all processes, and be knowledgeable in ASME, DOT, PED, and TPED regulatory codes in area. 19. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management. 20. Flexibility of duties within the entire second shift environment.
  Education: 1. High school diploma, GED or equivalent. Experience: 1. Minimum of five years manufacturing experience in related area. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 1. Understand and use basic blueprints. 2. Understand and use basic math. 3. Knowledge and understanding of Company safety procedures and policies. 4. Awareness and understanding of Company quality standards. Physical Requirements: 1. Frequent standing, sitting, walking, bending, stooping, twisting and occasional crawling. 2. Frequent lifting up to 50 lbs., occasional heavier lifting. 3. Frequent pushing, pulling and handling of materials. 4. Frequent carrying up to 50 lbs. WORK ENVIRONMENT: Working Conditions: 1. Exposure to metal cutting and welding odors. 2. May involve exposure to temperature extremes. 3. Exposure to occasional flying debris. 4. Required use of safety glasses with side shields. 5. Exposure to chemical cleaning solutions and their odors. Work Hazards: 1. Possible handling of materials with rough edges. 2. Possible exposure to temperature extremes. 3. Possible exposure to occasional flying debris. 4. Possible exposure to chemical cleaning solutions and their odors.
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